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Ashiatsu- Deep Feet Bar Therapy
Covers a wide variety of techniques such as Deep Muscle Massage, Myofasicial, Neuro Muscular, Swedish and Trigger Point Therapy. This technique is the best for covering a wide variety of body issues.
We highly recommend Ashiatsu for  healthy clients.
Ashi Thai  

Passive stretching within your own comfort zone.
Myofascial Massage 

Used to treat sporting injuries, vehicle accidents, stress or when the fascia becomes adheared. Myofascia helps to reducing pain and increases range of motion. Myofascial targets the fascia which is the membrane surrounding muscles.


By using different sizes and pressure your massage can be as light or and deep as you would like.
Deep Muscle Massage

Deep tissue and muscle massage goes into the deeper layers of body tissue and muscles to bring about a more relaxed and rehabilitated muscle that have been injured or strained. Deep Tissue Massage is also good for helping break down scar tissue.
Hot Rock / Stone Therapy

A massage that is given with warm rocks in the therapists hands. Pressure is much like a Swedish Massage, long gentle strokes. The heat helps to bring about a deeper relaxation to the muscles.
Sports Massage

Applied before, during, and after athletic events. Massage before a sporting event can help protect the athlete from injury. Post Massage can help clear out lactic acid and relax the over worked muscles. Sports massage focus on stretching, deep tissue and massage to warm up or cool down the muscles.

Massage done on the feet and hands. Reflexes in the feet refer to specific parts of the body. Pressing on these reflexes in the feet unblock energy fields to the related parts of the body. Reflexology also helps to relax tired and over worked feet and hands.

 A totally relaxing massage using light gentle strokes while applying warmed lotion.
Trigger Point 
(Referred Pain Therapy) 

Applies cycles of pressure then release to allow the muscle to relax. A trigger point is an intense area inside a muscle that can also send pain to other parts of the body.
Nothing is more relaxing and soothing for the mind and body than massage therapy. Massage by Debby offers an escape to life's pressure and daily stresses with affordable massages by a trained professional. Debby Garrison has worked for many years as a massage therapist in Houston. With her own studio, she has been able to offer the best rates to current and new clients.

​Whether you are looking for all over relief or something more specific Debby offers a variety of different techniques including Ashiatsu, Ashi Thai, Bamboo, Deep Tissue, Myofacial, Reflexology, Swedish and Sports Massage. Many athletes depend on Debby's healing art.

Located at 955 Dairy Ashford near the energy corridor. 

**Signature Massage**

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