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Commonly Asked Questions About Massage

Why Get A Massage:

Almost all healthy people occasionally have some physical condition that can be improved by massage. When relief is obtained, there is also a renewed sense of well being. No matter how well a client may be, a good massage will leave the person feeling better.

Massage Therapy Helps Relieve:

Stress and Tension, Muscular Fatigue, Muscular Tension, Upper and Lower Back Pain, Shoulder and Neck Pain, Headaches

Other Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Produces Relaxation, Increases body awareness, Strengthens immune system, Improves breathing patterns, Improves digestive disorders, Reduces amount of sleep needed, Helps restore tone and elasticity to muscles, and Over all makes you feel great

Can I have only my back or shoulders massaged?

Every client has a right to set his or her limitations, however, be aware that all parts of your body work together, Discomfort tends to concentrate in sensitive areas. For the greatest feeling of integration and wholeness, a full body massage is suggested.

Is massage ever prescribed by a physician?

Yes! Doctors frequently recommend to their patients that massage treatments be taken at regular intervals. Your insurance may even cover the cost of massage therapy. Check with your individual insurance company.

How long does a treatment take?

A thorough treatment can last from an hour to an hour and a half.

How often should I receive a massage?

As a measure to conserve or improve one's health, or to help keep in good shape, stimulate mental or physical energy, or to just relax and unwind, or to sleep soundly, a complete therapeutic massage every week to ten days is recommended. It is different for everyone. Stress, physical activity, work as well as life itself can all play a part in the amount of time between massages. I believe your body will tell you when you need a massage. 

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Ray, age 59, desk jockey. Client since 2003

I see Debby weekly to maintain my back and body in a supple, pain-free state. When compared to other massage therapists, Debby is unique in many ways. She gives over a sixty minute hour massage, she works very hard throughout the session and she is attentive to your particular physical issues. Debby is also an innovative therapist constantly seeking to improve the services that she offers to clients.

I highly recommend Debby Garrison.

Linda, age 53, System's Engineering Analyst (Disabled due to Lupus). Client since 2000

I have Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia. There are days that my muscles, joints and tendons are so inflamed and painful that I can hardly walk. I see Debby regularly as Massage helps a great deal with the pain and stiffness that is common with Lupus.

I have used MANY massage therapists but Debby is by far the best I've ever used. I consider her as much a part of my medical team as my many doctors.

Leslie, age 49, Director of Finance & Administration. Client since 2006

Over the years I've been to many Massage Therapists without much success. Then I met Debby. My ailment includes Spinal Osteo Arthritis that also [oddly] consists of several ribs popping out of place causing frequent uncompromising pain. Debby, over a short period of time, has not only tamed my aches and pains but also utilizes a painless technique that compels my ribs back into place.

I would recommend Debby Garrison to anyone regardless of health or conditions. 

Jim age 57, University Professor. Client since 1999

A massage by Debby Garrison is always soothing and relaxing
....Eases the aches and pains that beset us all as we grow older

...She is Highly recommended.  

Brad, age 43, Tomography Specialist. Client since 2000

I've been a client of Debby’s for several years and she provides the most complete massage therapy I've experienced. Whether the hot water pack, hot rocks, Ashiatsu, which offers excellent pressure or general massage, her compliment of services and technique are outstanding! Her proficiency, coupled with her professionalism makes this a therapeutic experience that is more than appreciated. After years of football, rugby and getting old, my ailments are many, however when I leave her office, I'm rejuvenated!

You're the best Debby, Thank you!!!  

Katie, age 23, Student/ Waitress. Client since 2005

I was really surprised that Debby's does several specialized techniques for the same price. Most places will charge you more for "each" different kind. You may get several different types of massage and techniques in one hour.

It really shows in her work that she truly has a natural gift and love for her work. 

Martha, age 64, Retired Stock Broker. Client since 1998

I like a totally relaxing massage, no pain, just peace and tranquility. Debby is known for her expertise in deep tissue work, but she can also be very gentle and relaxing.
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